The physical world was already having a hard time keeping pace with the digital world. Commercial developments, malls, and location-based experiences were heading towards a cliff known as: The Retail Apocalypse. We all knew it was coming, but thought we had a few years to design solutions for the emerging challenge.

But then COVID hit. And overnight, the retail apocalypse came crashing into reality.

Anchor spaces like big box stores and movie theaters have been decimated. Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are moving entirely online. Generic F+B concepts have become way less appealing to a more discerning audience. What does the future of location-based programming look like now?

Spatial Activations is a creative agency that brings together top-of-class expertise from multiple disciplines to pivot commercial and public spaces towards relevant content that will attract a new generation of audiences.

In short, Spatial Activations wants to make the world a cooler place. We want to make the world a more imaginative place, a more inclusive place, a more connected place, a more joyous place. Spatial Activations wants to get people off of their phones and back into the world with each other. We want to help clients activate their space with programming that will blow people’s minds. 

Spatial Activations provides expertise from Live Events, Attractions, Immersive Storytelling, Experiential Design, AR/VR/XR, Spatial Computing, Food + Beverage, Big Fun Art, and Community Engagement to deliver on this generational opportunity. 

The paradigm shift is staring us in the face. We will help you with the transformation.