Immersive Experience Design Lab

Liminalia is an immersive experience design lab & consultancy. We partner with purpose-driven organizations to activate community imagination and create cultural shifts.

Relying on combined decades of immersive experience design, event production and community engagement, Liminalia focuses on new methods of connection designed to shift passive consumers into active creators. 

Liminalia’s work is designed to increase co-creation between organizations and their communities. We have seen that when community members participate in creating meaningful change alongside organizations, a sense of ownership in the outcome emerges, accelerating the viability and impact of movements for change.

Erica Blair
Patricia Parkinson
Scarlet Masius

Erica Blair

Erica is a tireless advocate for connection. As a co-founder of Liminalia, her work focuses on experiences that bring people closer together, both online and beyond screens.

Propelled by a background in event strategy, digital experience design, and brand messaging, Erica supports organizations as they meaningfully engage their community in ways that lead to paradigm shift.

In addition to co-founding two branding agencies over the last decade, Erica was a cofounder of Quaranteam, where she helped to lead a digital behavior change campaign adopted by over 15 million people. Erica also co-organized Bretton Woods 75, a revolutionary economics conference, designed to generate diverse engagement on critical questions regarding the definition of value and the future of resource distribution.

Scarlet Masius

Scarlet has a unique passion for cultivating the vulnerable depth necessary for growth, healing and metamorphosis to occur. Fueled by the belief that everyone has the capacity for creativity, Scarlet is a passionate advocate for engagement, inclusion, and participation.

A seasoned event producer, trained peer-to-peer support counselor, and change management consultant, Scarlet’s work helps infuse organizations with the emotional intelligence required for meaningful impact.

Scarlet is also a co-founder of Safety Net Fund, a 501c3 fiscally sponsored organization dedicated to financially supporting artists in the Bay Area through the COVID crisis, which has raised nearly $650,000 in grant money to date. Scarlet also advises the Healer’s Resiliency Fund, Superflux, and has previously served as a producer for Art for Civil Discourse, a 501c3 fiscally sponsored organization focused on creating murals for civil engagement.

Patricia Parkinson

With nearly 15 years as a creative director and organizational leader under her belt, Patricia’s work sits at the rare intersection of vision and execution. She is passionate about creating tools, systems, and experiences that lead to radical positive change. 

Driven by a desire to design new solutions to old problems, Patricia’s passion for innovation has also led her to develop a rich understanding of emerging technologies and their application in today’s society. 

As the founder of multiple creative agencies, Patricia has led diverse multi-disciplinary teams, product design, user experience, brand development, and digital strategy for over 100 organizations and Fortune 500 firms. Her portfolio includes designing the world’s largest encyclopedia, pioneering digital experiences for Netflix and spearheading some of the world’s largest digital & financial literacy behavior change initiatives.