Joshua Levine

Fired Up Management Founder

Joshua Levine is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fired Up Management, a management and fabrication firm charting brand-new territory in the festival and corporate events industries. Combining his 20 years as a passionate participant in the Burning Man phenomenon in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert with his immersive, interactive marketing experience—not to mention his distinctive artistic vision— Levine successfully bridges the gap between large-scale festival art and the corporate world. 

Levine serves as the “culture translator” for the emerging, monumental art movement and has been creating and curating events and art parks for years in collaboration with national brand sponsors throughout the United States. In 2018, Levine created the successful Intergalactic Art Car Festival for Lyft and Zappos in Downtown Las Vegas, featuring a parade down the Las Vegas Strip featuring 12 art cars. In addition, he curated the first art park on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, spotlighting more than 15 interactive, large-scale art pieces from That Thing In The Desert sponsored by Lyft. Meanwhile, Levine has also curated large-scale art installations for Las Vegas’ Life Is Beautiful Festival for the past five years and many other festivals around the world. 

Most recently Levine was appointed art director and curator of the open-air art gallery at AREA15, the new, immersive retail, entertainment and art destination just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. He was also named Cultural Advocate of the Year 2020 by Greenspun Media.

Art, AREA 15
Mechan 9
Prodigal Sun and Pink Taxi
Pulse Portal
Event, “The Intergalactic Art Car Festival” – Mr. Fusion
In Every Lifetime I will Find You
Event, “The Intergalactic Art Car Festival” – Pink Taxi
Event, “The Intergalactic Art Car Festival” – One Eyed Monster
The Neverwas Haul
Robot Resurrection
Attraction, “Lyft Art Park” – Euterpe