Alonet Zarum

Lil’ Oak Productions - Founder

Alonet Zarum is the Founder of Lil Oak Productions. She is an experienced professional in designing, producing, and merchandising products for creative art enterprises.

Do you need 1000 units or a unique 1-off piece? Do you know exactly what you want, or are you in search of someone to help you noodle through ideas? We can make your merchandise vision come true! Our services include visual design, fabrication, shipping, displays, and much more. 

When you work with Lil Oak, you work with trusted professionals with experience in budgeting, competitive sourcing, and every aspect of merchandising, including pricing and point-of-sale promotion. We will work with you every step of the way to create your unique product/experience. 

For 20+ years, Alonet has worked in the performance arts, film product design, production and immersive experience exhibits. Her experiences range from sourcing props, scenery and wardrobe for major studio productions as well as multi-day live-action performance events. 

To learn more about Alonet’s previous work, check out:

  • Dread Scott’s ‘Slave Rebellion Reenactment’ (2019); 
  • music festivals (New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival); and 
  • Merchandise for Immersive art experiences, ie. Meow Wolf. 

Alonet’s heritage bridges three cultures Yeminite, British and Israeli gives her an appreciation for the value of global diversity, culture, and inclusion. She raised four children and has lived in London, New York, Dallas, New Orleans, and currently resides in Santa Fe. She is also the proud co-owner of a successful nightclub facility in Tel Aviv.

Notable work engagements include the following film, speaking, and community engagements:

  • The Expendables 
  • 22 Jump Street 
  • Parker 
  • Slave Rebellion Reenactment 
  • Jazz and Heritage Festival, NOLA. 
  • NFL (Recycling program) New Orleans 
  • “Where Strippers go to Die” Choreographer 
  • SXSW, Austin TX – Presenting at international conferences – ‘Film production and Sustainability’
  • Public Service – Strategic Planning Committee, City of New Orleans  – Sustainability and Recycling Task Force
  • Producer – Music Video “A Day in Santa Fe” Mahmoud Chouki and Martin Masakowski 
  • Alonet is a Global community leader in the arts, education and religious studies.