Aleissia Laidacker

AR/XR Expert | Technical & Creative Director

Aleissia is a Technology and Design Director with over 20 years experience in the Immersive  Technology space. She is a leader in AR/XR, where she was Head of Developer Experience at Magic Leap. Working with numerous partners to find creative and technically innovative ways of pushing the boundaries of interactions and storytelling using Augmented Reality.  

Previous to working in the XR space, she was in Game Development for over 10 years. Having led the Technology, Gameplay, and AI Direction on some large game franchises such as  Assassin’s Creed at Ubisoft. She is also co-founder of Mixed Flour, an Immersive Design  Company focused on creating location-based experiences that bring together Food, Technology  and Interaction Design. 

As a technology evangelist, she often speaks at conferences, about XR, Interaction Design,  Immersive Experiences and Artificial Intelligence. ​

Voted as Top 30 People to Watch in  Augmented Reality 2018.