Social gatherings are the heartbeat of culture. People are desperate to party together again

Humans need connection with each other. Thankfully with the successful production of several vaccines, the end of COVID-19 pandemic is within sight. By the middle of 2021, the pent up demand for people to be with each other again will explode. New opportunities to attract audiences to temporally-bounded experiences will be highly sought after. The event is around the corner and people can’t wait to be there. The few that are lucky enough to get in can’t wait to tell everyone else about it. The rest clamor to be involved. 

Spatial Activation’s team of creative producers excel in shaping exclusive and limited engagements, like parties and pop-ups and performances and festivals, that attract large and savvy crowds. From the founders of Meow Wolf and House of Yes, events are our sweet spot.

Featured Events Collaborators

Vince Kadlubek

Meow Wolf Co-Founder

Kae Burke

House of Yes Co-Founder & Creative Director

Nova Han

Founder / Creative Director Nova Han Productions

Ebony Isis Booth

Honeysuckle Creatives Founder

Max Beck

Creative Director & Project Producer

Joshua Levine

Fired Up Management Founder

Amelia Stickney

The Vibe Ambassador

Noah Kessler


Jeremy Jasper

OH LAWD Founder


Immersive Experience Design Lab

Patricia Parkinson

Liminalia Co-CEO + Co-Founder

Scarlet Masius

Liminalia Co-CEO + Co-Founder

Erica Blair

Liminalia Co-Founder