Space is always about community. If you don’t know how to welcome your people, then your people won’t show up.

Each space is connected to its local world. To deny a space its web of connections is to prevent the flow of relationships that makes space authentic. Spatial Activations knows that great spaces can never exist in vacuums. That’s why we prioritize strengthening connections around spaces that both ground them and create demand for them.

Our cultural producers listen to the people that are on the ground and learn what they need from spaces in order to make the space and the community thrive. This mutual relationship is critical and it’s what our team of community builders focuses on in order to create a virtuous cycle. Communities become stronger for it too.

Featured Community Collaborators

Vince Kadlubek

Meow Wolf Co-Founder

Kae Burke

House of Yes Co-Founder & Creative Director

Fernando Ruiz

Celebrity Chef

Ebony Isis Booth

Honeysuckle Creatives Founder

Max Beck

Creative Director & Project Producer

Joshua Levine

Fired Up Management Founder

Amelia Stickney

The Vibe Ambassador

Noah Kessler


Jeremy Jasper

OH LAWD Founder


Immersive Experience Design Lab

Patricia Parkinson

Liminalia Co-CEO + Co-Founder

Scarlet Masius

Liminalia Co-CEO + Co-Founder

Erica Blair

Liminalia Co-Founder

Adam Saleh

Cognitive Engineer & Designer | Presq Founder